Privacy Policy

What data we collect about you

Information that you have voluntarily given: collect your personal data such as name, email address when you sign up to our mailing services, such as newsletters, competitions or other mailing campaigns, or when you share your information in any other voluntary way.Automatic information: collects automatic information about you and the unit you are using to reach the website. When using the website, information about IP address, operator system, browser type, referring websites and what time and date you have been visiting the website, will be are also collecting data about your actions on the website, such as clicks. Cookies: If you accept cookies, your browser will add this text to a separate file. uses cookie files to analyze traffic and provide knowledge about who has visited a certain website at a certain time. In  the settings for your browser you can choose whether you want to accept cookies or not.


Why we handle personal data handles your personal data primarily for the reasons listed below.

  1. To fulfill the services that offers.

  2. To permit good customer services, such as handling of requests, correct wrong information or send information that you have asked for such as newsletters.

  3. To administer customer profiles, perform analysis and market research.

  4. For system administration purposes and to pull out statistic data about our users’ actions and patterns. This without identifying any individual but to occur on aggregate level.

  5. To permit analysis of your behaviour on our web services to develop, deliver and optimize our website.

  6. Personal data is used to permit the development of personalized offers and services

  7. To send you information and marketing communication through email or other digital platforms such as social media where you have an active customer relation with us.

  8. To contact you through email or mail about other offers, campaigns or services that we believe is of your interest. Please notice that you can say no to this type of advertising at any time.

  9. So we, on advice from our partners, can contact you via email or mail with offers campaigns or services that we believe is of your interest. Please notice that you can say no to this type of advertising at any time.

  10. To give you relevant recommendations, offers and personalized services, based on what others, with similar patterns to yours, has shown interest for, what service you have chosen, looked at and shown interest for.

  11. To help optimize user experience through customized view of services for the unit that is being used.

  12. To send important messages such as communication regarding changes to terms, conditions and policies

Who we share personal data with


We can share your information with 3rd parties that you have given persmission to:

Google Analytics: The website uses Google Analytics which tracks website visits and gives information such as referring websites and user behaviour on the website. Google Analytics can receive our IP address, but no other personal data.

Display Ads: The website can use marketing agencies as 3rd party, to display content such as commercials when you are visiting the website, which uses cookies as mentioned earlier.

Retargeting Ads: The website engages in remarketing with other parties such as Google, Facebook or Instagram for marketing purposes on the website. These websites uses cookies in order to base advertisement on any users’ previous visits to the website.

Affiliate Partners: The website engages in affiliate marketing, which is possible through placing tracking codes on the website. If you click a link from an affiliate partner, a cookie will be placed in your browser in order to track sales for the purpose of commissions.

Newsletter:On the website you can subscribe to our newsletter. All newsletters can track information, such as opens, clicks on links and what links were clicked. This is done in order to customize future emails communications to you. This information will not be shared with any 3rd party. Besides when awfully required, we will not share your personal data without your approval.


The amount of time we store your personal data stores your data for a long as it is necessary in order to achieve what is described in the policy. If you unsubscribe from the services of the website, you information is removed a quickly as possible.


Legal basis and storage of personal data

Through your registration you consent to storing and using the personal data you provide. Please notice that you, at any point in time, can recall your consent. You can do this through contacting Denise Elina. The data you provide to is stored and used so Denise Elina can fulfill their commitments to you as well as better satisfy your needs as a customer and give you better service, among other things by making the website or offers as personal as possible. The data is also stored and used for information or marketing purposes. This includes that Denise Elina, unless you have actively opposed to it in writing, can use your personal data to contact you via email with newsletters, direct marketing or surveys, either in-house or from partners of You have the option to oppose to the usage of your personal data for advertising purposes, in writing, at any given point in time. will store your personal data until you recall your consent.


Your rights

You have right when it comes to personal data and you have the option to have an impact on your information and to what is stored. At any point in time you can demand that we change your information, should it prove to include incorrect or inactual information or if we should completely remove it. You can always oppose to the use of your personal data for direct marketing, automatic decision making or profiling.


Sensitive information

At no point in time should you provide sensitive information to the website. This includes your personal code number, information about ethnic background, political opinions, religion, information regarding your health or criminal background. If you choose to provide this information to the website, these will fall under the privacy policy.


Contact information 

If you consider your rights not respected by us, you are welcome to contact Denise Elina on Last updated: April 9th, 2020.